Top 3 Above Ground Pool Steps

Above ground pool steps are one of the most important accessories when you have got an above ground pool in your home lawn or backyard or wherever you have installed it according to your convenience. Due to the fact the above ground pool will be the one that is installed on the ground instead of digging into the ground and it definitely has a certain height usually 48 to 56 inches depending on your preferred type and height.

For any pool that is installed on the ground or within it, there needs to be safe, sturdy and strong pool step system that will help the users get into the pool easily and safely. That is why everyone who has an above ground pool has to have a pool step system to be installed to complete the whole pool set up.

In order to find and select the best possible options for your above ground pool steps, you need to know certain things that you can compare within the wide range of products you can find on the market. If you have a clear idea about what you need, you will be in a better place to buy a perfect one for you.

Things to consider before you buy an above ground pool step

  • The first thing that you need to see is the type of structure and design you need. Look, if your favorite design is available. You can find the following basic styles of pool steps:
  • A style ladder pool steps
  • Straight up above ground pool steps
  • Curved pool steps
  • After that, decide on the material you need. The most popular one is the plastic material. The plastic used in manufacturing these pool steps is not a cheap one usually and can provide you with high level support that you need.
  • Determine the size and dimensions according to your pool size
  • See if the steps system is safe and has no harmful aspects for you and your pool.
  • Check if the systems is easy to install and can be installed within your pool in an easy way.

Above Ground Pool Steps Comparision Table

Confer 7200 Above Ground Pool Ladders
  • Confer 7200 Ladders

  • Our Rating
  • Material: High quality plastic

  • Design: A shape ladder

  • Shipping: Free
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Check on Amazon
Everest Above Ground Pool Steps
  • Everest Pool Steps

  • Our Rating
  • Material:High quality plastic
  • Design: Balanced design
  • Shipping: Free
  • Warranty:Depend on various suppliers
  • Check on Amazon
Confer Above Ground Pool Steps
  • Confer Pool Steps

  • Our Rating
  • Material: High quality plastic
  • Design: Broader and wider steps
  • Shipping: Free
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Check on Amazon
[img_products img_code=”710h0%2B8BY1L” alt=”Confer Above Ground Pool Steps” star_class=”star-5″ code=”B00BOUJIF8″ reviews=”42+”]

1. Confer Above Ground Pool Steps

Confer above ground pool curve step system is one of the best pool step system that is available on the market. It has an elegant design and a cool look to give you an excellent look and utility in your pool. It has been manufactured by Confer plastics and comes with a 5 year warranty to be sure that it will not lose its features and quality of materials and support. Another unique feature is its adjustable and customizable design that can be adjusted according to your convenience. You can adjust the steps system according to the desired height and with the help of oversized brackets to keep it fixed in its place. The overall weight capacity is around 400 lbs which is quite more as compared to other pool steps products.

The system comes with stable foot pads and a supportive hand rail to make sure the users never lose balance when they are climbing on it. The overall dimensions are 32 x 47 x 58 inches while the step tread has dimension of 27 x10 x 11 inches. It is very easy to adjust and fix along the pool wall providing a wide surface for climbing up of coming down the steps.

It can easily be installed after adding sand or gravel for the sake of making it stable and firmly fit where you need it. You just have to be aware of its sharp ends if you need to keep your pool safe from getting damaged.

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2. Everest Above Ground Pool Steps

This Everest above ground pool step system has been manufactured by a well known seller Everest offering high quality product to the customers. This one is a straight up pool step system. It has a standard height to adjust with a 48-56 inches pool height and has four step decks to make sure you can climb on it easily and can feel easy while using it. It is equally usable for elders and kids and has got well designed hands on rails to make sure you can exert sufficient effort to move out easily. It is also  made of high quality, strong plastic material that gain in weight when sand is poured into its tubes to give it more weight and strength for stability purpose, otherwise it would not stay firmly.

This one has got an extremely impressive and modern design to add a modernized look to the pool. It is stable and can withstand around 350 lbs of weight without any issues or being harmed or damaged. The riser dimensions are 9” height and 32 inches front to back area.  It can be fastened to the pool frame easily. It fits perfect in the pool and can give you a long lasting service.
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3. Confer 7200 Above Ground Pool Ladders

Making it sure, that you have got a pool with an increased wall height of up to 56 inches, you can look into this ladder like a shaped step system with a broad platform for easy movement.  It has got a stable design and needs to be fixed with the help of pool frame or on the liner area with the help of screws. It has got 5 steps from ground to top with a reasonable height and sufficient tread width to accommodate the users’ feet in an easy and safe manner. It comes with a lockable roll guard that can be used when it is not in use.

The step system needs to be filled with water to give its actual weight. It is quite stable when installed the right way. Though the system is not suitable for any pool that has inflated walls and base or delicate walls. It has to be fixed via screws so need to be done with care.

Overall the step system is perfect fit to support around 300 lbs weight without having any structural issues or any other problems. It is very easy to install and can be placed according to your requirements.
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While discussing all the features of the above mentioned products we can surely say that the three of these are best in their particular categories. But the Confer  plastic above ground curved pool step system can be considered to be the best as having a 5 year warranty, increased area, heavy duty support of around 400 lbs and perfect stable platform for all users. While the other two options are best when you need a medium level step system. Both have their own unique features to fulfill various requirements based on the type of pool and the number of users that are going to use the step system.

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Top 3 Above Ground Pool Steps
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