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Overlap pool liners are installed in pools for the retention of water. If your pool has a liner clip below the top brink, then you are in need of an overlap liner. They are rather easy to install, and take minimum time. They can also make your pool stylish and great to see. You can find the perfect one for your pool because there are many designs in the market. The liner secures easily to the pool’s sides and don’t need any you to mess with it unless it’s time to replace them. They are better than other liners because they can easily be installed in the pools. They also improve the look of the pool.


Following are the features of the 24 feet Overlap Swimming Pool Liner from Antilles Dolphin:

Depth – This overlap swimming pool liner will work with 48” or 52” depth swimming pools. It is 24 feet round. Being of this size, we can say that it’s a heavy duty pool liner that can apply to your above ground pool with ease.

Design’s Utility – Its lap welded seams lead to the reduction of both vertical and lateral tension. There will be no issues while its installation process and also when it’s been there for a long time. There would not be any harm caused or tension effects, produced all around the liner.

Reduced Wrinkling – It is free of all creases because it is hand folded flat. This reduces wrinkles as compared to automated packers which force the liner resulting in permanent creasing.

Warranty – Backed by a 25 year limited warranty to give you the peace of mind you deserve. You will not be in any problem after buying this fabulous pool liner as it comes with all the necessary features you need and a full support from the manufacturer through this warranty.

Durable – It is 100% virgin vinyl material and is also protected from harmful chemicals. It also features the best cold crack resistance among the competition. So you would not be in a worry to treat or repair your pool liner or even replace if you live under extreme cold weather in winters. You can have your pool liner in the same great condition as it was in the summers.

Variety – Available in a variety of colors so as to fit all the different choices of people. You can easily choose between different color variation to match your requirements.

Purity – Vacuum sealing, electronic air filters and high volume air pumps make sure that the liner is free of all impurities before the bonding occurs. It will not have any extras that would harm its quality.

Quality Design – This pool liner is made of high quality materials that will ensure that you get the most life out of it. It will prove to be a long lasting pool liner, and won’t need any replacements soon. You  can feel free of hassles  after installing this liner in your pool as it would not get worn not early.

Appearance – this pool liner will make your pool look like new. It will give an aesthetic appearance.

Fast Shipping – Order this and it will be in your hands very swift and fast because of the amazing shipping service. This will enable you to install the liner as soon as you want.

Why Overlap Swimming Pool Liner?

Overlap pool liner will be your go-to pool liner if you own a pool with a liner visible on the outside of the pool under the top rail. In order to determine whether you have an overlap pool liner, use this method of searching for the liner below the top rail. Also, whenever the loner hangs over the outside of the pool wall, it is definitely an overlap pool liner.

  • Overlap pool liners are much easier to install as compared to beaded liners. So this means, you will have enormous peace of mind while dealing with such leisure systems in your home.
  • Overlap pool liners are better for amateurs. One can change the bottom thickness, or the pool’s bottom and the liner will still fit in it. They have a great room for adjustment.
  • They have an additional length so they can even overlap the wall of the swimming pool and be held with coping strips.
  • They are the perfect choice for a DIY project.
  • They are also generally much less expensive than beaded liners and will save you maintenance money in the long run as well.
  • They are made for flat bottomed pools with a height of 48” or 54”.
  • If you go slightly wrong with the measurement, you need not to worry because overlap pool liners allow some room for error.
  • Overlap liners are also very easy to clean. In order to get the most life out of them, it’s important to keep them clean.
  • They are also easy to repair if any accident occurs. There are repair kits that help seal smaller rifts. Don’t let any damage become permanent.

Cautionary measures:

Do take caution during the installation and use of overlap swimming pool liners:

  • Don’t wear boots when using the new liner. It may mess with the quality.
  • Make sure that the pool area is completely clean before the installation of the liner.
  • Be careful of using electrical equipment. Water and electricity are a dangerous mix
  • Avoid dropping any sharp object or tool, in the liner.
  • Use the necessary safety gear while installing the pool liner.
  • Protect the liner from harming substances and elements to prolong its life.


Using this overlap pool liner from Antilles Dolphin over your pool is a good method to protect your pool. You can avoid the local pool company and the expenses that follow them. It also makes your pool look stylish and new. It is also rather durable and rugged and can last you a long time if you take care and the necessary precautionary measures. It also features easy maintenance.
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