‘It’s just one big day’: Australia celebrates 100 years of water sports

A year ago today, the Australian water sports community gathered for a celebration.

And just like the celebration in August that will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first swimming pool in Sydney, there was a sense of euphoria as the waters of Australia were re-discovered and celebrated.

There were thousands of swimmers at the pool, which was named after a man who was the first Australian to swim a 100 metre race.

The first swimming pools were first built in New South Wales in 1852 and Sydney in 1858.

The history of swimming pools in Australia has been dominated by the men, but it was the women that began to pioneer the sport.

Swimming pools were the first to open for women in Sydney in the 1840s and it was only in the late 19th century that Australia introduced its first female swimmer, Sydney Swimming Club member and swimming champion Elizabeth Hensley.

For centuries, swimming pools have been held in national parks and the Victorian Swimming Centre in the city’s north has hosted many swimmers over the years.

But it wasn’t until the 1970s that the Australian public began to appreciate the swimming pools and their unique attraction.

Australia has had swimming pools for more than 100 years, with one in Sydney’s Darling Harbour and two in Victoria’s Yarra River.

This was achieved by opening a swimming pool on Sydney’s North Shore in 1973.

It wasn’t just the pool that made Sydney the first city to open a swimming pools to the public in 1872.

In fact, Sydney was the only city to achieve this achievement in 1873.

As the city grew and developed, the public became interested in the sport, and Sydney became the city of pools.

Since then, Sydney has hosted more than 150,000 swimmers and has been the host city for more swimming pools than any other city in Australia.

During the 1990s, Sydney began to host the Olympics, with a number of the world’s biggest sporting events taking place in the Sydney metropolitan area.

While Sydney has also hosted the Commonwealth Games, the Olympics is one of the few sporting events that the city still holds to this day.

But Sydney has had its fair share of problems, such as a number that were caused by the building of Sydney Harbour Bridge in 1999.

Although the city was a great destination for tourists during the Sydney Olympics, the building process and construction of the bridge had a major impact on Sydney.

From the opening of Sydney’s new Olympic Stadium in 2004, the city has been a major focus of the construction of a new stadium that has been completed and will soon host the 2020 Rugby World Cup.

To mark 100 years since the opening, Sydney City Council and the City of Sydney are celebrating the celebration with a range of events, including the opening and closing of the city swimming pool, the first swim in Sydney history and the unveiling of the Olympic Rings.

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