How to choose a pool: a guide to swimmable swimming holes

Drinking water can be dangerous and expensive.

But even with that, there are plenty of swimming holes around the world that you can dip your toes in.

Read on to find out where to dip your feet.

The most popular are:1.

Titanic swimming pools, swimmables, swimming pools in the Pacific Ocean2.

South Africa’s famous Swimming Pool, the tallest in the world3.

Great Barrier Reef, which sits on a reef that’s as deep as the ocean and has a total of 7,700 kilometres of shoreline4.

Australia’s Sunshine Coast, one of the world’s most beautiful beaches5.

Cape Town’s Grand Beach, the largest beach in the whole of Africa6.

The Swimming Centre at the Guggenheim Museum, which is the largest swimming centre in the entire world7.

A popular beach in Indonesia, known as the “Bikini Beach”8.

The Alaskan city of Vail, where the water temperature is 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit)9.

Australia and New Zealand’s famous Great Barrier Island10.

South Korea’s Hanyang Beach, home to the world-famous Kaesong military base11.

Brazil’s Amazonas beach, home of Brazil’s famed Paraná beach12.

A beach in Singapore, known for its white sand beaches and tropical vegetation13.

The world’s largest aquarium in Singapore14.

The swimming pool at the beach at Venice, Italy15.

The Great Wall of China, which stretches from China to Japan16.

The pool at Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana beach17.

The ocean-facing beach at the Algarve’s Maréchal-Perret beach18.

A swimming pool in the Philippines19.

The beach at Lagos, Nigeria20.

The French city of Bordeaux, famous for its beaches21.

A pool at a swimming pool resort in Italy, known by locals as the beach of Bibi-Sue, named after her mother22.

A beautiful swimming pool overlooking the city of Zürich23.

A sea-facing pool in New Zealand, called the Great Blue Hole24.

The Grand Canyon’s Grand Canyon Pool25.

The popular Great Barrier Islands pool, known locally as the Pool of Sunshine26.

A large pool in South Africa, known widely for its sun-soaked beaches27.

A deep-sea pool in Hawaii, known to locals as a “polar bear pool”.

This pool is home to a whale.28.

The iconic Great Barrier Barrier Reef swimming pool29.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia’s most famous swimming pool30.

The famous Great Wall, the world wide most famous building in the country31.

The sun-baked beach of the French Riviera, known globally for its sand dunes32.

The famed beach of Venice, a favourite among locals33.

A huge pool in Singapore34.

A spectacular pool at Australia’s Great Barrier Beach, known among locals as “the big beach”.35.

The Olympic Park, Australia.

Known for its large pools and the popularity of swimming in the waters nearby.36.

The largest swimming pool outside of Dubai37.

A massive pool at South Africa38.

The great swimming pool of Dubai, known internationally as the Bathurst pool39.

The massive swimming pool located in the Greek city of Pylos40.

A vast swimming pool on the beach in Croatia, known nationally as the Bambara Pool41.

The legendary swimming pool is situated on the Great Barrier reef42.

The huge swimming pool known to many as the Grand Pool, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.43.

The waters around Cape Town, South Africa.

A favourite swimming spot for the locals.44.

The giant swimming pool that lies under the Great Wall in Greece.

It’s famous for having a total surface area of 3,800 metres (11,600 feet)45.

The World’s Largest Pool in Japan46.

The water-filled swimming pool near Lake Titicaca, a lake in Chile47.

The underwater swimming pool underneath the sea wall of the ancient city of Alexandria, Egypt48.

The sea-dwelling pool in Venice49.

The large swimming pool and sauna at the Great Western Beach, Australia50.

The diving pool at New Zealand51.

The Pool of Dreams, the most popular swimming pool off the coast of Ireland.52.

The “Great Barrier Reef” (pictured above) in Australia.

A world-class pool for divers and surfers.53.

The stunning pool on an island off the South Pacific island of Fiji54.

The majestic swimming pool featured in the classic film, The Abyss.55.

The incredible pool at Sydney’s Gold Coast 56.

The sparkling swimming pool seen in the film, Black Swan.57.

The spectacular pool seen from the beach, New Zealand.58.

The amazing swimming pool (pictured below) at

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