When it rains, the pool is the only place to go

It’s always wet.

You’ve never been to a swimming pool and never really felt like it.

But there are plenty of places to go in the rain, and there are always plenty of pool rafting opportunities to explore.

Here are the top 10 pools in the UK to go swimming in when it rained.


Swimming pool in Bath It’s an unlikely place for a swimming spot, but it’s a very nice one to spend some time.

With a large pool and a lovely view over the River Thames, this is a lovely place to enjoy the water.

There are a number of pool decks, a big and wide one and a smaller one, so you can easily walk across the river to get to the bigger one.

You’ll also find a boat dock and a large restaurant and bar nearby.


Pool in London It’s one of the most popular places in London to swim, and the pool has been a swimming hotspot for the last two years.

There’s no need to take the plunge if you’re a swimmer first, but if you want a bit of adventure, this one is a must-do.

The water is pretty much the same as the one you’d see at the pool in Brighton.

It’s a bit more shallow, so a bit less splash is the ideal.

The pool has a large deck, so there’s plenty of room for you to relax on the deck or sit on the pool deck.

It can also be booked online, with a small fee.


Swimmer’s Paradise in Southwark It’s not often you find a pool that can be as spacious as the pool at Swimmers Paradise, and you’re not in South London.

But it is definitely one of London’s best, with all of the amenities you could want.

You can sit in the pool, watch the action on TV, or enjoy a snack or a drink on the other side.

Swimmers Paradise is also a great place to swim if you’ve never gone swimming before, as it has a big area for you and your friends to relax.

It has a full bar and a huge number of small tables and chairs to relax in. 9B.

Swam in the Great Western pool In 2016, the Great Eastern pool in London was refurbished and opened as a private swimming pool.

With no access to the river, it’s not exactly the perfect swimming spot for the uninitiated.

It is open all year round and is well worth a visit.

There is a big pool, a large one and one that’s smaller.

It offers a great view of the Thames River, so the water is usually quite clear, so it’s ideal for those looking to swim a bit deeper.

It also has a boat ramp, so even if you have no experience of swimming, you can still swim without having to worry about your gear.


Swim in the Sainsbury’s pool Swimming in the river has become so popular in recent years that it’s now possible to swim from one pool to another.

If you’re looking to have a little fun and relax, there are a lot of swimming pools that are just a short walk from each other.

It could be a relaxing weekend, but most importantly, it can give you a good view of Southwark Bridge and the Thames.


Pool at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum It’s no secret that London has a reputation for being a little bit of a dive bar.

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

It just means you can relax on one of those relaxing lounges or take a relaxing dip in the Thames with the Thames, which is a fantastic place to relax and have a few drinks.


Swishpool at the Royal Botanic Gardens Swish Pool is an indoor swimming pool that’s just minutes from the Royal Gardens, with plenty of space for swimming.

There has been some controversy about the quality of the water, so make sure you get there early to get in.

The swimming pool is a bit small, so if you don’t have a large swimming pool to choose from, you might be better off booking a larger pool.

Swimm in the waters, and enjoy the views across the city.


Pool outside Hyde Park One of the best swimming spots in London is the Hyde Park pool.

It boasts a large area for your relaxation and a nice view of London.

If there’s a good swimmer in your life, chances are they’ve also been to the Hyde Pool.

You will definitely be more comfortable there than at a pool in the city centre, and it’s an ideal spot for people who want to relax for a bit.


River in Covent Garden The River in London has been attracting a lot more people to the city since the 1950s, when it was opened as part of the city’s regeneration programme.

The river is still a favourite swimming spot in London, but

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