How Seattle’s swimming pools are making it safer to swim again

Seaside and West Seattle have some of the world’s most popular swimming pools.

But the city of Seattle is taking another step forward in its efforts to make the city’s swimming facilities more accessible for people with disabilities.

In January, Seattle Parks and Recreation announced that they will allow people with mobility impairments to use the swimming pools during the summer months.

The changes go into effect July 1, and people with disability will have the option to swim in the pool during that time.

The pool will be open during the day and be closed at night.

People with disabilities will have to use a ramp for the rest of the time, and they will not be able to stand on a ledge.

The changes go further than the other cities that have made swimming accommodations for people without disabilities, said Chris Leong, deputy director of Seattle Parks.

In the past, there were restrictions on the swimming in the public swimming pool.

Leong said the city has now made it easier to go into the public pool, and he hopes it will continue to become more accessible.

This is a major change for us.

We’re very excited about it.

I think the people who will benefit most from it are people who have mobility impairment, Leong told the Seattle Times.

This will be a great opportunity for us to continue to expand our outreach, Leung said.

The city is asking for $5 million in federal grants for the program, and the money will go toward hiring additional people to staff the pool and helping staff and volunteers improve accessibility for people who need the assistance.

The city is also looking to add an additional wheelchair accessible lift, which will be built on the site of the current lift, and is expected to open in the fall, said Leong.

Seattle Parks is asking that anyone who wants to go in the water during the month of July to bring a friend or relative to use.

They can bring a wheelchair or other mobility aid.

The person who is using the lift can use it as long as they are not using it to walk.

If someone wants to take their own chair and use it, they must wear it on their own and keep it in their lap, Leondosaid.

If you or someone you know needs to use our public swimming pools please call 206-684-5900, or email [email protected] or call 206.684.5900.

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