The Lad’s new swimming pool

By The Lad | Feb 07, 2019 12:33pm EST”The only thing I want to say is that I love swimming and I love being outdoors.

That’s it,” said Lad Anthony B. Sowden, owner of the Bayside Pool and Spa in Baysside, Calif.

“I’m not a big swimmer, but I like to relax and relax.

And, I love the pool, so I wanted to make it the best.”

The new pool at Baysides pool will feature a large pool deck, two large swimming pools and an enclosed pavilion with a private swimming pool.

Sowsden also hopes to add a new water feature, and a private water shower to the pool deck and pool.

The pool is expected to open for regular business on March 18, 2019.

The facility is located at 617 West St. and features a pool deck.

The spa is located in the Bowers Park community of San Jose, and is operated by the Baidu Corporation, an online video platform.

The pool is part of a planned development in the area.

Sowden was inspired to build the pool by his friend, Michael, a California native.

Michael, who also has a son with Down Syndrome, had an accident when he was a young boy.

He suffered an incision in his left knee and was unable to walk for years.

He was left with a very limited ability to walk.

The family decided to build their own pool, and Sowdens son, Anthony, began his journey to build a swimming pool from scratch.

“I wanted to have a place that my son could be a part of,” said Sowens son.

“That’s why I chose the Bakersfield Pool.

I know that this project is going to bring some great benefits to the neighborhood and to the community.

I just want it to be an example for other families and children who have not had the opportunity to build swimming pools.”

Sowens plan includes a pool house and a spa.

Sawsden also plans to offer a new, full-service spa and swimming pool onsite.

The new swimming complex will be located on the BAYSIDE side of the property and will include a large, well-appointed pool house, as well as a spa, a swimming area and a meeting area.

The BaysIDE Pool has a capacity of 10,000 persons.

The public pool will have a 50-foot pool with a capacity for up to 60 guests.

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