Which is better: the pool or the beach?

A week ago, the first of two large, concrete swimming pools opened in the coastal town of Bari.

The first pool is a small and modest one, with a swimming hole just outside the entrance.

A man in the middle of the pool, surrounded by his two children, holds a hand over his mouth.

He seems to be trying to drown himself.

The other, a larger pool, has a larger swimming hole.

As we enter, the children start to run, their parents stop to hold them close.

As the sun rises, the pool opens, revealing a pool of fresh water, and the pool’s owner and his wife are in the water, holding each other’s hands.

A little girl is in the pool with her father.

“I’ve been swimming for 20 years, and I’m the only one here,” says the husband.

The water is cold.

We turn back to the man.

He looks tired.

“And the water is always freezing,” he says.

He’s the manager of the Bari beach resort, and his daughter is his wife.

This is the first time he’s ever been to the pool.

“We used to come here for two hours every day,” he tells us.

“But in the winter, it’s always cold here, because we have a lot of tourists.”

After a week of hard work, he’s ready to go.

“Now I can sleep.”

The pool was built in 2007 by a consortium of Italian and Spanish companies.

It was designed by the local government, and it’s owned by the city’s tourism board.

After the government approved it, Bari residents and the local tourism association decided to make it their own.

“A lot of things happen in Bari that have a negative impact on the environment,” says Francesca Cipriani, an environmental lawyer who has represented several groups who’ve sued over the swimming pool.

For instance, the city bought the pool from a private developer and has been renting it to other people.

“In terms of its environmental impact, it is a bit different than the pool on the mainland,” she says.

“It’s built on top of a river, so it’s not going to be affected by floods.”

There’s another difference between the two pools, though: Bari is situated at the southern end of Italy, close to the Mediterranean.

That means the water from the ocean tends to stay in the northern part of the country, while the water coming out of the Mediterranean is usually pumped back into Bari’s sea, where it’s pumped back in.

The main difference between Bari and other coastal areas is the distance between the sea and the beach.

The sea is the only source of fresh surface water in Baris, and is therefore the one to which the locals typically return for the summer.

But the beach is a completely different matter.

A visitor to Bari will see little of the ocean, but there is enough water around the beach to make a difference.

“The ocean doesn’t come here,” explains Ciprisani.

“If you go down the beach, you’ll see this huge area.

It’s really big.

It goes up and down.”

In the summer, the area is full of tourists.

But this is not always the case.

The seaside area is a popular place for tourists to go and stay in Barri.

In fact, it was the location of a popular beach retreat, which was also the location for a large number of illegal migrant boats that were often used by traffickers to make illegal sea crossings.

“So if you go to the sea, you can’t see the sea,” says Cipristi.

“They can’t leave. “

They’re afraid to leave.” “

They can’t leave.

They’re afraid to leave.”

Ciprigani and her colleagues have taken legal action against the Italian government over the pool as well as the beach resort.

The city has rejected the complaint, claiming that the beach was already closed to visitors when the resort was built.

The case is currently before the Supreme Court.

In the meantime, Ciprieani is still deciding whether to try to buy the pool herself.

“Do I want to keep the beach?” she asks.

“This is my life, and what I’m doing here is my choice.

And it’s my choice.”

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