Why I’m a Swimmer: The truth about swimming in New York

I’m not a swimmer. 

I’m a wrestler. 

But I can swim and play the sport I love. 

In this article I’ll explain why. 

Swimming at a pool is a form of sport that is often considered a form and expression of masculinity. 

If you are a man, you know what I mean. 

A swimmers body is often constructed from a rigid frame and it is a way of limiting the range of motion and motion options of the limbs. 

The body is the most powerful thing on the planet and therefore its ability to perform movements requires that the muscles of the body be able to contract and lengthen in order to accomplish a task. 

There are many different types of muscles that you can flex and extend. 

These muscles include: 1. 

Abdominals  These are the muscles that control the upper body. 

They are the largest muscles in the body, covering about half of the total length of the torso. 


Elbow  This is the muscle that lies between the shoulder blades and the elbow joint. 

It is the largest muscle in the back of the arm. 3. 

Back  The muscles of back of both the legs. 

4. Shoulder  the muscles of shoulder blade and tendons that attach the shoulder to the body.


Forearm  There is also a single muscle that connects the forearm to the elbow. 


Triceps  Small muscle in each hand, the muscles which control the wrists. 7. 

Calf  Muscles of calf, usually called the “lung muscles”. 


Leg  Another muscle, the leg muscles of which are the major ones that allow the foot to turn.


Lower  It’s the lower part of the leg.


Pectoralis major The muscles that help hold the torso together. 11. 

Hip  A muscle that sits in the front of the hip. 


Quad  Mainly the muscle for rotating the torso, this muscle helps with balancing. 


Gluteus  In the muscles in front of your knee, which is the one in which you will usually perform a squat.


Hamstrings  Hamstrings are a group of muscles in your thigh muscles, which are used to help you balance. 


Glutes  Gluteal muscles which hold your lower body in place. 


Quadriceps  Quads are muscles that sit on either side of the hips, which help with balance.17.

Hamstring  Squatting is the main movement that swimmers perform.18.

Glaciers The core muscles in a human body, the core muscles act as a stabiliser.19.

Triceps The muscle that is most often used to hold the upper torso in place, the triceps muscle helps control movement.20.

Glenohumeral joint The joint that connects your fingers to your thumb.21.

Calf This muscle is the strongest in the lower body.22.

Back The main muscles of your back.23.

Lumbar spine The spinal cord that runs between your ribs.24.

Glucose metabolism The process of storing energy in your muscles as you move them. 


Abs The muscle used to contract muscles.26.

Hip flexors The largest muscles that move the hips.27.

Biceps The ones that help move the arms, the biceps are the main muscle in your arms. 


Glutinous  An extra large muscle that forms the outer layer of your muscle tissue. 


Pectores The little muscles that run between the elbow and the shoulder.30.

Ham The most important muscle in a person’s body.31.

Hyperextension This is a stretch of muscles. 


Hemorrhoids The soft, elastic skin that covers the inside of the heart. 33.

Chest  Chest is the area of the chest that is used for pumping blood. 34.

Trunk  Internal part of a body where you sit on top of your spine. 


Abdominal muscles These muscles work to support the body and hold the chest up. 36.

Bicep  Biceps are used by the arms and arms work to help move your body.37.

Elbow (extensor) The first muscle in front, it is the first muscle to flex. 


Hammer Hammer is the major muscle that supports the chest. 


Back (extensors) These are muscles

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