How to keep your child safe in a swimming pool

More than 20,000 kids under the age of five die from swimming pool thermometers every year, the Australian Institute of Sport and Exercise (AISE) has warned.

Key points:AISe has released a report on how to keep kids safe in swimming poolsThermometers have been found in every swimming pool in AustraliaSource: AISe, The Australian Safety CouncilMore than 20 per cent of Australian children under the ages of five have been affected by swimming pool temperature sensors in some form, the AISE has found.

The report found that a total of 19,500 children under five were found to have been exposed to the device in 2017.

“The majority of these incidents were not serious enough to require medical attention,” the report found.

“We found a number of serious incidents that involved a pool being closed due to excessive heat, drowning, electrocution, suffocation or electrocuted drowning.”

Read more:The report also found that about 3,500 people in the Victorian state of Victoria were found in pools that had been breached, and more than 7,000 children in NSW and Queensland were found exposed to pool thermometry.

It said some pools had been “swimming pools in the middle of the night” where children were allowed in to play.

The Australian Swimsuit Institute (ASI) said it was concerned that this report was not accurate because “a lot of people will say they are safe” with their swimming pools.

“They may have been at the pool in the past, but it’s not safe for them now,” ASI chief executive officer Rob Tice said.

“When you look at the number of deaths from drowning, we’re talking thousands of children.”

A lot of them are under the 16-year-old age group.

The age group where we think a lot of these issues are occurring are 16 to 17.

“You can see where it’s happening.

People are in a pool and it’s warm, it’s dry, and it has pool lights.”

Tice said the lack of safety information was concerning, particularly for parents who may have a children under six or under 15 at home.

“It’s a problem that we can’t fix by putting more safety measures in place,” he said.

The AAP has called for the introduction of an online safety system that would make it easier for parents to log children’s swimming pool use.

“I think the best way to tackle this is to have a safety-oriented system where parents are able to get in touch with the local authorities, which are responsible for swimming pools,” AAP’s Victoria president, Michelle Smith, said.

“If they’re concerned about their child’s safety, we want to encourage them to talk to the local council, which would be able to give them a safe place to go.”

And then you also need to be able and willing to put in a little bit of extra effort.

“The AISEC also urged parents to consider the health and safety of their children before going swimming.”

There are a number health and wellbeing issues that can be potentially a problem when a child is in the pool,” Dr Mark Brown, an emergency medicine physician and senior researcher at the AASE, said in a statement.”

So for parents, particularly those who have children under a year old, they need to make sure that they are properly educated about what swimming pool safety is and what precautions they should be taking.


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