How to change your water bottle’s setting for the best result

Changing the setting of your water fountain can help prevent it from getting too cold and help it stay warm, says a recent study.

Dr Andrew Rutter from the Australian Institute of Sport and Physical Education (AISPE) at Melbourne University has conducted research to investigate how to make your own swimming pool cooler.

The study has found that changing the water fountain’s setting is best for keeping water circulating and keeping your pool warm.

“The idea that you should adjust the water temperature by changing the setting for your swimming pool has long been accepted as an important part of swimming pool safety and safety practices,” he says.

“But the research shows that changing settings is the best way to ensure that the water stays at a consistent temperature, which is critical for keeping the swimming pool warm.”

The research was funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council.

The best setting for swimming pool warmingDr Rutter says changing settings can be tricky and depends on the size and shape of your swimming pond.

“Some swimming pools are quite small, so a changing the settings is a bit like adjusting the lighting in a cinema,” he said.

“Other pools are big and the setting can change so much that you might need to do something more drastic to get the water to warm.”

To test the theory, Dr Rutter set up a number of different settings on a pool of different sizes, including two sizes of pool in a garage and two in a restaurant.

“After we had the pool setup, we asked them to fill up their tank and then to turn on the water,” he explains.

“I had one of the tanks full and the other full.

So the setting was set to 10, the temperature was set at 12 degrees Celsius and the pressure was set around 15.4 bar.”

Dr Ritter says the result was “surprisingly good” for both the setting and the temperature.

“Both settings kept the water at the same temperature and the pool stayed at a constant temperature for the whole session.”

The researchers tested the effect of changing the temperature setting to 10 degrees Celsius, the pressure setting to 15.1 bar and the water temp setting to 12 degrees centigrade.

“We found that the pool had maintained a constant, even temperature throughout the session,” Dr Ritter said.

Dr Rittle also found that even with different settings, swimming pool heating did not increase the pool’s temperature.

Instead, the water heaters were able to heat up the pool, helping keep the temperature within safe limits.

“Our results suggest that changing setting is not necessarily a bad idea, because it allows the pool to keep its temperature,” Dr Tufnell said.

He says swimming pool temperatures can also be affected by changing lighting.

“If you’ve got a light in your pool, then you’ll be getting more heat from that light,” he explained.

“That can lead to increased pool temperatures.”

Dr Tufell says the research is important for parents wanting to keep their pool warm for their children.

“Having a swimming pool where your kids can swim, play and have fun is really important,” he told AAP.

“For example, the more time your kids spend in a pool, the greater chance of them getting a cold.”


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