Which glass swimming pools are right for you?

Here’s what you need to know about glass swimming baths and their water quality and safety.


What is a glass swimming bath?

A glass swimming tub is a water-filled tub that is attached to a metal rim and holds a shower or shower curtain, usually a white fabric curtain or white cloth or a clear plastic sheet.

The tub itself is a plastic, opaque tube that has no water inside.

It typically holds up to four people at a time.

The water in a bath can be either hot or cold, depending on the amount of people in it.

Some tubs are also equipped with a pressure-sensitive filtration system.

Water is piped into the tub through a showerhead.


How much water does a bath have to hold?

A bath with a minimum of four people can hold up to a total of about six liters of water, according to the Australian Institute of Water and Wastewater Systems (AIFWS).

A bath without water can hold about eight liters.


Does it have to be in a particular location?

A swimming pool should not be located in a building or a pool hall.

It can be attached to another structure such as a swimming pool deck, pool house, or pool wall.


Does a bath need to be built in a certain location?

Many swimming pools can be used with one or two people, but a bath without a curtain is more suitable for those who need privacy and privacy alone.


Can I use a shower when swimming?

A shower should only be used if it is installed in a watertight container, such as the tub or shower door.

The bath can’t be attached directly to a shower.


Does the bath have a shower door?


A bath that does not have a watery curtain should be connected to the bathtub or shower with a shower curtain.


Does my tub have a toilet?


If you have a tub with a water tank in it, you should also have a flush toilet.

A flush toilet does not need to have a bowl, toilet seat or shower, and the toilet seat can be connected directly to the water tank.

If a bath has a bowl or toilet seat, you will need to provide an empty bowl.


What happens if the bath has water?

A tub or pool hall is designed to contain water.

If there is no water in the tub, the tub must be filled to its capacity.


Is there a maximum size for a tub?

The maximum size of a swimming bath is usually four people, although it can be larger depending on whether the tub is attached directly or via a shower hose.

If the tub has a shower, it is best to provide one full flush toilet flush each person.

If it has a bath, it should be kept in a clean, dry location.


Is it safe to swim in a tub that does have a curtain?

There are risks to swimming in a swimming tub without a shower in certain situations.

A swimming tub that has water running through it may also become unsafe.

It is also advisable to consider how much water is present in the bath before using it.

If your tub is not completely dry, water may leak from the showerhead or shower window, or the shower curtain can be pulled down and then soaked in water.


What are the best safety precautions to take when swimming in swimming pools?

Keep your hands and feet covered while swimming in water and do not touch water with your hand.

Avoid wearing long underwear, swim shorts and swim with your feet on the water surface.

Avoid putting your feet in the water.

Do not submerge your head in the pool, as you could get swept in.

Keep your eyes peeled for any bubbles that may appear when a pool is being used.

When using a shower to wash your hands, be aware that your body will become covered with water.

Make sure you do not use a sponge in the shower, as the water could splash onto your skin.


What if there is an emergency?

If you experience an emergency or you think there is a safety risk, call the emergency service on 13 18.

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